Everyday learning with Gajendra Kumar

Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Since his first day as a teacher, unsure of how he will tackle all the students in his classroom, Gajendra Kumar Devgan has come a long way. This journey of 13 years started with a single aspiration- to learn something new everyday.

How do I make learning more engaging for students?
How do I improve student behaviour without resorting to hitting?
How do I influence other teachers to do the same in their classroom?

Such questions have driven his work everyday and led to creation of vibrant classrooms where students are engaged in learning. “In the beginning, it was tough to manage student attention but over time I realised students learn best when I surprise them with something new each day. If I bring new activities and procedures to the classroom they will automatically respond”, Gajendra Kumar muses. He started teaching alphabets and language content through games like antakshari and storytelling. During the course of his classes he also involved students in planting trees and taking care of the school campus.

But his work was not limited to just teaching subjects. Gajendra Kumar believed in instilling discipline and good behaviour not through fear but through better measures. Instead of hitting a misbehaving students, he asks them to fill buckets to water the plants in the school. And as no good work goes unrecognised, Gajendra Kumar’s influence soon took over his peers. He and his staff pooled in funds to make their school print-rich and allow students to learn visually.

One day at a time, Gajendra Kumar’s students learnt something new, and so did he, a journey he continues till today.

This story is based on the life of Gajendra Kumar Devgan from Raipur, Chhatisgarh. 
The story is written by Ishtha Kapoor. 
We are grateful to the Chhatisgarh government for introducing us to Humans of Indian Schools.

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