Neelam Kaur and The Girls Who Chase Their Dreams

Neelam is a fiery advocate of higher education for girls. She believes that her female students have every right to be in control of their own future. So whenever the parents start planning an early wedding for their daughter, they can be sure of a visit from Teacher Neelam.

One time, she even went ahead and checked directly with the groom’s family if they were okay with the girl continuing her studies after marriage. It is important for Neelam to know that her students are never forced to compromise on their dreams.

Neelam has managed to convince many parents to push back the wedding dates of their daughters. This has helped more than 30 girls complete their respective diploma, undergraduate, or graduate programmes, and join the workforce. Most of them are also happily married, and stand beside their partner as equals.

It is not that Neelam wishes to interfere in the personal lives of others. She just knows the challenges of studying after marriage too well. She had married into a joint family where the idea of a daughter-in-law stepping out for work or education was unacceptable. Despite that, Neelam has picked up four degrees over the years: B.Sc. in Mathematics, M.A. in English, B. Ed, M. Ed. It was not easy. She had to secretly study at home and sneak out in a rickshaw on exam days. For B. Ed, even that formula did not work. She had to attend classes everyday and it was impossible to do that without everyone noticing. When Neelam openly went to college, the entire family stopped talking to her. This painful situation lasted for over a year.

At her graduation, Neelam received a medal for having the highest grades in her university. The family did not turn away from her that day. Instead, they celebrated her achievement with her.

“When you succeed, everyone accepts you.” That was Neelam’s take-away from her long and difficult journey of pursuing her dreams.

That is why Neelam wants her students to build their own identities. She wants them to live their lives with the confidence and acceptance, which she now enjoys. Her only prayer: that they get there with lesser struggle than she had to face.

Story about Neelam Kaur from Government High School, Kotgaon, Balod, Chattisgarh
Written by Rishav Rakshit
We are grateful to Government of Chhattisgarh for connecting us to Humans of Indian Schools

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