Sharad Kumar Yadav on Helping Teachers Grow

Sharad Kumar Yadav is well known among the teachers in and around his town. He is the Cluster Academic Coordinator. His role requires him to work with teachers to ensure the delivery of quality education in 12 schools by observing teachers in their classrooms, sharing his feedback, and holding weekly meetings.

The most important ingredient for good education is a good teacher and Sharad knows that. So, as a coordinator, he focuses his efforts on supporting their professional growth.

His favourite way: sharing resources. With so many websites and mobile applications offering free educational content, teachers today can very easily explore interesting ways of teaching their subjects. He has gotten most of his teachers actively using these resources. Of course, not every teacher is comfortable learning on mobile phones or tablets. For them, Sharad gets the other teachers to perform live demonstrations of the newly learnt teaching technique during their weekly meetings.


So continuous learning takes care of the good teachers part but for these good teachers to continue doing good work, motivation is the key. Sharad believes in the power of recognition. He purposely hosts the meetings at a different school every time. He encourages the visiting teachers to step into classrooms and interact with the students. This, nearly always, results in words of appreciation for the teachers of the host school:

“I absolutely love the way you have done your classroom. It is beautiful!”

“Your students are really smart! The confidence with which they reply. Oh my.”

“I saw that science model in your class. Looked really interesting! How long did it take you to make?”

Moving beyond just compliments from the group, Sharad wants his teachers’ efforts to gain national recognition. He ensured all the 12 schools applied for the Swaccha Vidyalaya Award weeks before the 31st October deadline, and way before any private school in the area did so. He also informed his teachers about the APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award, a competition that calls for creative technological ideas and innovations from students. So far, 14 students have sent in their entries. The results for both competitions are much awaited.

Being a coordinator, especially with passion like Sharad’s, is a lot of work. It often becomes difficult to handle all of this along with his job as a Science Teacher at Middle School, Sarekha. But Sharad takes care of everything with a smile. He understands the importance of grooming great teachers and feels proud to be associated with such a task.

Story about Sharad Kumar Yadav from Gunderdehi, Balod, Chattisgarh
Written by Rishav Rakshit
We are grateful to Government of Chhattisgarh for connecting us to Humans of Indian Schools

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